What’s on in August

August brings Warhammer World more things to enjoy than you can shake a stick at!

As well as reserving and enjoying the gaming tables, you can experience amazingly painted miniatures, a raft of free gaming events, an Open Day…

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Special Exhibitions

Throughout August

The Exhibition Centre holds not only 14 Dioramas and thousands of miniatures, but also TWO Special Exhibitions at present! See painstakingly painted miniatures in the Golden Demon Exhibition, and lovingly gathered armies in Warhammer Age of Sigmar Collections.

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Open Gaming Weekend

6th – 7th August

With no events happening this weekend, there are lots of tables in the events hall ready and waiting for your personal battles! Be quick to request and confirm your gaming table reservation though – we get very busy!

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Regiments of Renown

9th August

There are tales told all over the Mortal Realms of small bands of brave and fearsome warriors who have turned the tide of larger battles with their heroic deeds. Form your Regiment and march to war in this great fun one-day event, with all your games counting towards the Season of War campaign!  

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AoS Open Day - Aug 2016 A4

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day

13th August

Celebrate all things Warhammer Age of Sigmar by meeting the designers, playing the games, and seeing lots of fantastic miniatures. You?ll also be able to pick up the latest releases, along with first access Warhammer World only merchandise.

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The Seeds of Hope

14th August

Upon the last day of the Season of War Campaign, we invite you to spend the day fighting over the Cities known as the Seeds of Hope. Register with your faction and have your games count towards the global results as you enjoy this one day matched play campaign.   

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Warriors of Renown

16th August

It is said there are as many tales of the Silver Tower as there are folk of the realms with the wit to tell them. Now comes the time to tell yours as you enter the Silver Tower with your hero to earn glory and renown. Can you escape alive?  

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Open Gaming Saturday

20th August

You’re welcome to come and game almost every day, but Open Gaming at a weekend means no event and lots of gaming tables available! Be quick to request and confirm your gaming table reservation though – we get very busy.

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Start Collecting! The Hunt for Battlefleet Kruvek

21st August

Buy a Start Collecting box here at Warhammer World and get your ticket to this free day of gaming action – using just what you get completed from your Start Collecting box. There’s never been a better excuse to start a new army!  

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23rd August

Play three great games of Warhammer 40,000 in this day-long tournament. The name of the game is mercilessly killing every enemy sent against you and escaping alive, but doing so with a smile on your face and having a great time!  

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Investigation on Glomus

27th – 28th August

Lead your taskforce and join the Inquisition in their investigation into plans for a huge WAAAGH! on the Ork-infested planet of Glomus. Can you find out the truth? 

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Combat Patrol

29th August (Bank Holiday Monday)

Lead your carefully selected patrol behind enemy lines as you try to disrupt supply lines, kill key personnel and capture vital objectives. Play 5 games over the day in this great fun event using a custom Combat Patrol detachment.   

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