The School League Army Guest Display

Many armies gathered, and three now remain…

The cries of war rang around Warhammer World on June 28th as the School League finals took place, with hobbyists aged between 12 and 18 from across the UK battling for glory, over a range of gaming and hobby awards.

With awards for wonderfully themed or painted miniatures , the hobby talent on show is getting more impressive each year! Nominees for the Best Painted Army award were all invited to display their miniatures here at Warhammer World, and three inspiring armies are now on show for you to enjoy.

Tau by Matthew from Upton Court Grammar.

Matthew’s Tau have a muted green and grey colour palette, which is brilliantly offset by great textured bases.

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Daemons of Tzeentch by Ed from Oakwood Park Grammar.

As well as being well painted, Ed has some great conversions in his Warhammer Age of Sigmar collection. They’re well worth a closer look for developing some ideas of your own.

Tau by Elliott from Samuel Ward.

This Tau army in crisp white is taken up a notch with striking red spot colours, and a very realistically dirtied Hammerhead Gunship.

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On show: June 29th ? August 26th

Entry: Free, on display in Warhammer World Atrium

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