See Signus Prime – The Latest Diorama

A brand new diorama now greets you as you enter the Horus Heresy area of the Warhammer World Exhibition; Signus Prime.

Thundering across the hellish landscape of Signus Prime, the armoured spearhead of the Blood Angels Legion presses forwards towards the Cathedral of the Mark.

It took a team of four people eight weeks to create the diorama, from cutting the wooden base frame, through to building and painting all of the miniatures. After being shown as work in progress at the Horus Heresy and Necromunda Weekender, they’ve completed the final stages, and it’s taken three and a half days to get everything in place in the Exhibition.

You can see the diorama for yourself, as well as the other 25 dioramas, thousands of miniatures, smaller dioramas and Guest Displays, from today, in the Warhammer World Exhibition.

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