School League Best Army Nominees on Display

The School Alliance is run by Games Workshop to help support clubs for under 18’s and part of this is organising the School League National Championship, a series of gaming events bringing clubs together in a competitive but supportive environment.

Warhammer World plays host to the School League semi-finals and finals , and it’s a great chance to see the miniatures being created and painted by this young generation.

This year the Best Army Nominees were enviable, with some fantastic conversion ideas, and some painstaking attention to detail in the painting.

Harlequins by Robert from Altrincham Boys School

Irownjawz by Billy from Eastbourne Academy (Best Army Winner)

Genestealer Cults by Dan from Royal Grammar School

Tzeench Daemons by Ed from Oakwood Park (Best Army Winner)

All of the nominees were invited to display their miniatures here at Warhammer World, and you can now see three of the nominated armies in our Atrium, pride of place as soon as you’re welcomed to Warhammer World.

Nurgle painted by Adam from Southend High School  – Age 15

?It took me about four months to paint. I used Agralan Earth to created a cracked and rotting effect on the Predator, and I?m proud of the rust effects on the weapons. The converted Daemon Prince uses the head and wings from a Plague Drone?

Kharadron Overlords painted by John from The King’s School Macclesfield

Vostoroyans painted by Harry from the Norwich School – Age 17

?I?m most proud of the infantry, as they?re what I dedicated the majority of my time to painting. Between those in this army, and the ones I have at home, I must have spent upwards of 50 hours on painting the infantry. I’m still working on my Brigade, and am please to say my painting ability has improved considerably.”

You can see these miniatures from now to August 31st.

Want to know more about starting a school club? Contact [email protected] for details.

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