Releases with Pricing for This Week

Releases with Pricing for This Week

This week looks like a big one for Games Workshop, with the AoS and 40k Battleforce Box Sets along with the Traitor Legions Codex Supplement and Index Chaotica: Apocryphpa.

check it out

Codex Supplement Traitor Legions: $35

Index Chaotica: Apocrypha $35

40K Battleforce Box Sets

Space Wolves Ironclaw Strike Force: $170

Deathwatch Watchblade Task Force: $170

Tau Empire Targeted Recon Cadre: $170

Ad Mech Eradication Cohort: $170

Age of Sigmar Battleforce Box Sets

Bloodbound Slaughterstorm: $170

Sylvaneth Darkroot Wargrove: $170

Ironjawz Thunderfist: $170

Stormcast Sigmar’s Vengeance: $170

Black Library

Fabius Bile: Primogenitor (hardback) $30

Legends: Ragnar Blackmane (paperback) $24

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