Outpost 402 – New Diorama on display now

After being previewed at the Warhammer 40,000 Vigilus Open Day, the latest diorama to be created by the Warhammer World Studio team is now on display in the Exhibition, so you can peruse all of the details at your leisure.

Life in Outpost 402 has been uneventful for decades. One of many camps embedded in the dense jungles of Savrap, it and its fellows? duty is to monitor overgrown xenos artefacts and guard against any aliens attempting to reclaim them. After years of dull silence, the daily monotony is suddenly broken, as ruins thought abandoned for millennia come to life and, with the ferocity and brutality they are feared for, Kabalites of Commorragh burst from them with lightning speed and storm the camp. If this artefact can be activated in such a way, what of the others? Does any other outpost survive to send aid?

At 2 by 4 feet, this diorama packs in a lot of details, from the Asuryani statues built especially for this display, to a lethal Catachan surprise, waiting in shadow for the right moment to strike.

With 29 dioramas now in the Warhammer World Exhibition, plus smaller vignette dioramas, thousands of professionally painted miniatures, and Guest Displays, it’s a great time to visit and be inspired for your own hobby projects.

Find out more about the Exhibition here.


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