No Gaming Tables on 8th – 9th December

This weekend (8th – 9th December 2018) we’re hosting the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament Heat 3 here at Warhammer World. This is a large, prestigious event and it will be taking up every gaming table in the event hall. 

Please be aware; that means this weekend, there are no tables on offer for non-event attendees to game on under any circumstances. 


However, the usual services provided by Warhammer World (the fully stocked Citadel and Forge World stores, the Exhibition and Bugman’s Bar) are still available to all, so why not pay us a visit? 


If you do want to play a game here at Warhammer World, the following weekend of the 15th – 16th December is an Open Gaming weekend, so we’ll have plenty of tables for you to turn up and play on. 


Thank you in advance for your understanding.  

The Warhammer World Events Team 

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