New Armies on Parade Guest Displays

October 13th was Parade Day in Warhammer and Games Workshop stores around the world, and Armies on Parade at Warhammer World once again saw amazing collections of miniatures gathered together, with their creators happily chatting about their work.

If you missed them on the day, you can see some of the entries in the Warhammer World Exhibition, as they have been loaned as Guest Displays.

Chris Atkins’ Adeptus Mechanicus

With a lot of Nurgle related entries, we had a double take at Chris’ board and army, which at first glance we didn’t spot as being Adeptus Mechanicus. His pale colour scheme is skillfully executed with rust and battle damage details. Real twigs and lots of flock create the impression of an facility almost overrun by plant-life.

Neil Adair’s Death Guard

Neil’s makes beautiful use of colour on his Death Guard, with an almost pastel green against rich red, providing a great contrast with the cream. His display board provides a simple platform to show off the miniatures, with the traitorous Chaos Space Marines brazenly walking past an Imperial memorial.

Adam Walker’s Harlequins

For freehand detail, Adam’s Harlequins had almost everyone squinting in astonishment. As well as the expected chequers and candy stripes, his Harlequins have swirling patterns and entire images painted across them. Another painterly twist is that  Adan’s used a slightly pastel palette, while still retaining the expressive colourful feel of the harlequins.

The end dates for these displays aren’t confirmed yet, but they should be with us until the end of December or start of January. Get into the Warhammer World Exhibition and see all of the details on these for yourself!

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