Guest Display: Neil Adair’s Armies on Parade

In the Warhammer World Exhibition, as well as thousands of professionally created displays, you can see what fellow hobbyists have been inspired to build in their Guest Displays. Neil Adair is the latest hobbyist to loan us his Armies on Parade display for you to see.

Neil’s Death Guard wasn’t the army and board he intended to enter Armies on Parade with, like many folks, he didn’t get his original plan finished in time!

Despite not being Plan A, it’s an impressive display, with the board made from insulating foam, cork tiles and Citadel Scenery, creating a damaged landscape Neil continued on the bases of his miniatures. Cleverly, the buildings and walls are separate to the board itself, meaning they can also be removed for gaming with.

Really driving home the failure of the Imperium as the Death Guard take over their city, is the memorial to earlier Imperial victory in the centre of the buildings. “The centrepiece memorial was inspired by a real battle damaged war memorial I visited in Berlin. I filed some old and damaged Praetorian and Mordian models flat and made the frame from plasticard before painting it bronze.”

The whole army was painted piecemeal over about a year, “I found Mortarian to be the most challenging model I have ever painted. Duncan’s guide was very useful for how to do the wings!”. Neil plans to expand the army with more Deamon engines, which he’s done a terrific job on so far.

If you visit the Exhibition, you may bump into a proud Neil “I hope to bring my son soon to see his dad’s models on display at Warhammer World!”

Come and see Neil’s display for yourself at the Warhammer World Exhibition, before it leaves mid-January 2019. Of course, you also get to see all of the other Guest Displays, thousands of our professionally painted miniatures, and  26 specially built dioramas!

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