Guest Display: Mark Kilburn’s Conversion Showcase

Going to Armies on Parade in your local Warhammer store means not only do you get to see some amazing collections of miniatures, but also talk to their creators. At Warhammer World we spoke to Mark Kilburn, and after we found out about his other fantastically converted models, we invited him for a Guest Display in the Exhibition.

Having become properly interested in Warhammer 40,000 after reading a White Dwarf article about the Badab War back in about 1992, Mark ties each of his armies somehow into that conflict, giving them their own back stories. On display now we have his Armies on Parade from 2018, and some of his Aeldari Exodites.

Mark’s Armies on Parade board shows the survivors of several Imperial armies pushing the Astral Claws back through the ruins of a city. “Hence why the Imperial Knight is stood on an Astral Claws’ Rhino, and the Howling Griffons are made up of members of 4th company, the survivors of the Ambush at Khymera.”

The board took about two months to build, with Mark already having the Howling Griffons. “The Mechanicus were a bit different, because I got inspired by the Blanchitsu articles to give them each roles and personalities. I also had the idea of a surviving Freeblade and attendant Armigers as a way of incorporating an Imperial Knight, giving me a centrepiece.”  These new additions gave Mark an opportunity to learn and practice new painting techniques like freehand and weathering.

Mark is especially proud of the Imperial Knight and it’s pilot. “I had a very definite vision of how I wanted it to look.  The pilot was my first real try at sculpting , she’s based on Inquisitor Greyfax, and the head from a Daemonette of Slaanesh. I sculpted her upper arms and legs, and her hair and nose!”

Alongside his Armies on Parade, we’re showcasing some of Mark’s collection of heavily converted Aeldari Exodites.

Purposefully separating themselves from other Aeldari, the background of the Exodites often fascinate modellers who like a conversion challenge. Mark combined White Lions with Guardians, as well as models from the Seraphon and Sylvaneth ranges, plus many other parts. “Having seen lots of Exodite armies use Wood Elves, I wanted mine to be in a different environment. I chose a mountainous theme, with the snow, and the pelts on the White Lions.”

Mark’s Guest Display is on show in the Warhammer World Exhibition now alongside the 29 dioramas, thousands of professionally painted miniatures, and other Guest Displays. Come and see all of those, and his cabinet of conversions between now and mid March.

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