Guest Display: Luke Blick’s Armies on Parade

It’s not often that we devote an entire cabinet to one Armies on Parade display, but Luke Blick?s Adeptus Mechanicus entry from 2018 is so tall and visually striking, it’s certainly worthy of the space.

One of our current Guest Displays in the Warhammer World Exhibition, Luke’s miniatures and board are a fantastic combination, and as he’s completed a few ambitious Armies on Parade displays by now, Luke has some useful insights into approaching a project like this.

Luke’s choices of setting and army for Armies on Parade came from the simple desire to create an army and board with bright red sand, and his growing interest in building a Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Knight army, which suited the red of Mars.

Taking around 6 months of evenings and weekends to complete, Luke started the army and the board at the same time, but his plan to split his time between them didn’t go as intended, “I got the majority of the board done in the last 2 weeks, after staring at the frame of the board for months!”. Luke advises that it’s key to plan what you want the full board and army to look like in advance, “A great looking army on a poorly thought out board, or a board that’s not finished to the same standard, doesn’t do your miniatures any justice.”

With the bright orange sand, Luke felt the traditional red colours of the Adeptus Mechanicus wouldn’t contrast well, and instead chose a scuffed utilitarian leather look for their robes.

Often, we’re our own worst critic, and despite many elements he’s proud of, Luke can’t ignore something which didn’t go to plan. “The weathering on most of the larger models was created with oil paints, but because I painted the army in batches I let it dry for too long. As a consequence I couldn’t blend it the way I wanted too. It means a lot of the shading has a harder edge than I intended.”

If you’re thinking about creating a display for Armies on Parade, or just a scenic board for displaying your collection at home, Luke’s final advice is pretty honest, ” I NEVER manage to keep to my plan, but without a basic idea of what needs to be done you’re unlikely to achieve your vision. Even a ‘To Do’ list is better than nothing!”

You can see Luke’s display in all it’s glory and detail in the Warhammer World Exhibition until mid-March.

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