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I’ve been toying with the idea of a combined Stormcast Eternal and Extremis Chamber army for a while (who doesn’t like Dracoths and big hammers?) and finally decided to take the plunge into the Age Of Sigmar this month. A bunch of Liberators have been sitting on my desk half painted for far too long  ? I thought I?d get them some friends, and add some extra punch to my forces!

Being a bit of a hobby magpie, I’ve always had quite a big jumble of models that I never find the time to paint. I decided that entering the Age of Sigmar was a perfect opportunity for me to build an army that feels much more complete and that has grown over time ? rather than overwhelming myself!

I?ve always been a bit more of a gamer than a painter and with the release of the General?s Handbook I decided that I?d set myself up for a few introductory games at 1000 points. I?ve been promised a game by Greg who also recently started collecting a Skaven army and has featured on the blog a couple of times ? perfect for me to get an understanding of how the system works.

After sitting down for a while and working out various combinations of units I finally decided on having a small force led by a Lord-Celestant on foot. This should boost the ten Liberators ? the core of my army ? with his command ability, making them a genuine concern to my opponent. To support the core of my army I introduced a ranged threat of five Judicators with a Shockbolt Bow. As support for the core of my army I decided to include a Lord Relictor, able to provide a Healing Storm for my Liberators. To finish up the army I landed on taking one elite unit from the Stormcast Eternals and one unit from the Extremis Chamber. From the Stormcast Eternals ? five Retributors, a unit I think that will be able to handle both other elite infantry and larger opponents. 

While writing my list I couldn?t decide what to take from the Extremis Chamber. It was always between Fulminators and Desolators but I eventually sided with the Fulminators, mainly after seeing a match on the top table at the Warlord?s event where caused the most carnage I have seen in an Age Of Sigmar game against some Chaos Dwarfs.

As previously mentioned, I have always been more of a gamer than a painter, but in this instance I wanted to take a bit more time with my models and get them to a better standard than I had previously achieved. I decided I would like to create a display board for my models and in doing so raised a challenge to myself ? I would like to display the models on the board without a base. Of course bases are generally a good idea if you want your models to stand up… 

So I decided to magnetise all my models to their bases ? in the future when I have the whole army I will be able to create a board that they fit on. Doing so is a painstaking task and takes a while, but I was able to achieve it with the help of a Citadel drill and some small magnets. In some cases, this was easier said than done ? thankfully though using some basing materials I was able to mostly hide my magnetic models? feet behind some rocks!

I?ll be writing as I develop my army and hopefully reporting on games I have played and tactics or combinations of units I found interesting. Next time I?ll have my full 1000 points painted up and ready to play.

Thanks for reading!

Author: Grant

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