Golden D6 Issue 10 is out

Golden D6 Issue 10 is out

The Latest Issue of the Golden D6 is out now for it’s showcase Issue.

The Golden D6 – Issue #10


The Golden D6 Issue #10; the Showcase Issue!


Iron Fate by Thor at Creative Twilight

Look Away a zombie diorama by David Colwell

Painting the demon’s bust by Nils Holmbergh

Horus the Warmaster by Rory Priest

Zombies In SpaceStats

Alexander’s Sylvaneth Army

Fabius Bile by Joe Baird

The Fallen Angel, Cypher by Duane Wood

The Witch Queen by Nils Holmbergh

Harley Quinn and the Sleeping Chibi by Neil Szabo

Part three of Hammer of Wrath by Rory Priest

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain diaromma by Stuart Bannister

Kingdom Death … after dark by Scott Ferguson

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