Gangs of Commorragh, Contents, and Concepts

Gangs of Commorragh, Contents, and Concepts

We have been waiting to see exactly what is in the Gangs of Commorragh, and now we have our first look at the game.

Below is a brief recap of what is in the set. For the full article, follow the link below.

via Warhammer Community

«Opening it up, we can see the box is packed with stuff. There are no less than 6 Reaver Jetbikes and 10 Hellion skyboarders in there.»

«these form rival gangs that will battle for supremacy and loot though the spires of the Dark Eldar’s decadent capital.»

«you get some spires – cardboard pinnacles of Commorragh’s many towers that your gang can expertly weave around (or, if you’re unlucky – collide with…)»

«The game itself is entirely self-contained set, and all the rules you need to play are in the box. There is a quick start guide for those who want to get battling straight away, quick reference cards for both players, and a more detailed rulebook for those who want even more depth to their games, including expansive rules for a campaign.»

«Each warrior can advance, gain skills and be equipped with all the usual wargear you’d expect from Reavers or Hellions. While the customisation of individual models is high, the campaign mechanics themselves are simple and scalable, allowing anything from a couple to dozens of participants, «

This set will be on it’s way later in the month, so keep your eyes on the skies…

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