Fourth Day of Nurgle: The Lord of Blights with New Wallpaper

Fourth Day of Nurgle: The Lord of Blights with New Wallpaper

If GW needs an excuse to continue beyond the Days of Nurgle it would be awesome, although I doubt each of the Chaos Gods are getting releases like this.

via Warhammer Community

We’ve looked at some of Nurgle’s daemonic servants over the past couple of days, but next year will also see some of his mortal devotees join the battlefields on the Mortal Realms. (After all, Nurgle considers himself a god of life and is as alarmed as any about the growing threat of Death!)

First among these servants is the Lord of Blights, who joins a growing stable of Rotbringers heroes including the Lord of Plagues and the Glottkinthemselves. The Lord of Blights is a brutal figure, armed with a towering shield and brutal maul as well as a host of strange abilities. On the battlefield, the Lord of Blights can shroud his fellows in swarming hosts of flies or hand out deadly death’s heads for Putrid Blightkings to fling at enemies!

Sounds grotesque – and it’s only just for starters. Check back tomorrow when we’ll be taking a look at the Pusgoyle Blightlords…

That’s not all! There’s another free wallpaper for you – download it here:

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