Explore the Exhibition in greater comfort

At Warhammer World we like to make your visit as comfortable and easy as possible, and following customer feedback and our own observations, we’ve added some helpful seats and steps to the Exhibition.

Have a sit down

Folding stools mean that those less able to stand comfortably for long periods can take the weight off, while still being with their friends and family looking at the displays and dioramas.

The stool can also act as extra support when walking around, perfect if you’re caught out by a flare up of an existing problem, or perhaps forgot your own stick.

Get a bit taller!

Folding steps allow younger children to get a better view of dioramas and displays, without adults having to pick up and hold them. (Which is not only a pain in the back, but also a bit nerve-wracking next to the glass cabinets!)

Both are easy to fold up and carry, and have both been given thorough testing to make sure they’re user and exhibition friendly.

A limited number of each are available to just pick up at the Exhibition entrance, along with information about their weight limits and safe use.

If you want to know more about our Accessibility, details have been updated, so you can plan in detail before you visit us:

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