Blood Bowl is back!

bloodbowlThat’s right sports fans, the most brutal, blood thirsty and all round violent fantasy football game has returned!  It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over.  Just to refresh some memories, Blood Bowl is an incredible fantasy football style boxed game, where two teams armed well enough to start a war battle it out in a sports match unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.  The aim of the game is to pass, throw or run a ball to the End Zone, while your opponent has to stop you and claim the ball for themselves.  But this isn’t your usual, friendly sports game, oh no.  In Blood Bowl, things get a lot messier, and copious amounts of violence will ensue.  So get your helmets ready (you’re definitely going to need them) and let’s play ball!



We’ve got a box open and on display here at Warhammer World right now so you can come and see it for yourself.  The box itself is jam packed with everything you need to start your very own Blood Bowl league.  You get 2 teams, a double-sided pitch to represent the Orc and Human teams, alongside all your tokens, dice, decks of cards and rules.



bloodbowl-atriumBut the best part is it’s available for pre-order from today and released on the 25th of this month!  So if, like us, you’re feeling the Blood Bowl excitement then come and visit Warhammer World and join in with the epic festivities we’re having here in the run up to the big release day.  We’re breaking out the bunting, so you know it’s going to be special.


Oh, and don’t forget, that sneaky Skavenblight Scramblers team is also available for pre-order, and proudly displaying their team colours in our cabinet in store right now!


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