‘Blitzer’s Best’ comes to Warhammer World

Welcome sports fans! Jim and Bob here, and wow, what an awesome kick-off to the new season of Blood Bowl we?ve had!

Not ?arf, Jim, reminds me of 2487, back when it all started!

Me too Bob, maybe we should have a break, kick back and take a breather?

Funny you should say that, Jim, I?ve already started? hic!

Looks like you have, Bob, what?s that you?re drinking? Looks potent!

Glad you asked, Jim. It?s our new ?Blitzer?s Best? beer, available now on tap at Bugman?s Bar at Warhammer World.

Ah yes, we heard all about the two players who attended the Full Beard Cup at Warhammer World this last weekend, and enjoyed Blitzer?s Best so much they missed the first game of Sunday morning?

That?s right, Jim, those guys are winning at life, if not so much at Blood Bowl?

Certainly are, Bob. Now, isn?t it your round??

Er, nope, pretty sure its your?s, Jim!

The T-shirt

Want to show off your love of a fine Blitzer?

The official ?Blitzer?s Best? t-shirt is coming to Warhammer World, and will be one of the items first available at the New Year’s Open Day on January 2nd!

Click the images to the right to see larger versions.

Find out more about the New Year’s Open Day here.

(Please note: Blitzer?s Best is not suitable for Halflings, and like all beverages, should always be quaffed responsibly, and never prior to steering a chariot.)



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