August Event Tickets Available Now!

We have three great events in August, and you can get tickets for (or sign up for) all of them now!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day

13th August

Immerse yourself in all things Warhammer Age of Sigmar with our Open Day at Warhammer World. Celebrate by meeting the designers, playing the games, and seeing lots of fantastic miniatures – and there’s more to be announced!

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar One Day Event

14th August

With the Open Day on Saturday 13th, you can also join in a free one day Warhammer Age of Sigmar gaming event on Sunday 14th! Places are limited, so get your name down on the event list now.

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Orks Artwork

Investigation on Glomus

27th – 28th August

Lead your taskforce and join the Inquisition in their investigation into plans for a huge WAAAGH! on the Ork-infested planet of Glomus. Can you find out the truth? 

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If you can’t wait until August for some gaming, there’s a lot more coming up in June and July, with these two great highlights well worth checking out!

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