A Look at Total War Warhammer II

A Look at Total War Warhammer II

Ive played most of the Total War series and have always been a big fan of the games. Of course some are always better than others, but the Total War Warhammer games, both I and II have been by far my favorites.

Total War Warhammer II

While my playtime has yet been limited (by no means am I an expert yet), the first thing that stands out is that Total War Warhammer II has many less DLC’s or special content as the last version did. Of course it is very likely that we will see 1-2 DLCs in the near future bringing new factions into the game. I would not be surprised that Tomb Kings are first up, as it appears that their lands are already in the game.

While I have started a Lizard Men campaign and looked at the High Elves, the thought of a large update coming to the game combining the armies from the Total War Warhammer I and II into one single large campaign map has limited my commitment to a campaign before this update comes out. After all I like to go big (and usually pay the consequences afterwards).

The thoughts of a huge campaign map like this, even if it slows down the rounds, is just the level of complexity that I like in a game. While it’s possible to go too big, I highly doubt it will reach that level for me. For me personally, this type of crossover is what Total War Warhammer II is all about.

Speaking of the campaign, diplomacy for me has always been a weak spot in the Total War series, as it has always felt tacked on, but really, Im here for the battles and really getting down seeing my troops take on the enemy. So while I have not jumped into diplomacy of the new game, I can tell you the battles are amazing.

With only 4 armies to choose from, I do wish there were more options to start the game with. The first Total War Warhammer had more. There are again 2 Lords for each faction to start the game with.

One interesting concept Ive noticed in campaign mode is the Skaven…. they are hidden among the ruins on the map. Its quite hard to tell just how many there are in the ruins, giving the Skaven a very unique feel on the map.

Of the Lizard Men….. Carnosaurs charging into the battle lines are just so much fun to watch.

I do wish there was a Human faction, but hey, perhaps there is one coming.

This is also a cool video………….

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